It’s not exactly a secret that you need good credit to be able to buy a home. Although lenders are more stringent now with their policies, recent funding programs allow more Americans to enjoy the benefits of homeownership. However, your credit remains an important factor in qualifying for a home. But what exactly does it mean to have good credit?

Not just limited to your credit score, your eligibility to buy a house also depends on your debt ratio, length of employment, income level, and other factors. Your good credit standing is not only imperative to obtaining your next home, it helps ensure that your loan terms are more flexible and feasible, allowing you to save thousands of dollars over the years.

Working with credit-challenged clients, whether buying your first home or your third or fourth, the credit restoration program at Central Carolina Realty Group consists of knowledgeable credit restoration specialists who can help you repair your credit. We understand what the lenders are looking for, and will assist you to set up flexible programs that are specifically designed to reduce your debt while improving your credit score. Our program is uniquely engineered to eliminate the negatives that prohibit lenders from funding your real estate purchase, and helps you obtain that house you’ve been dreaming about.

Find out more about our credit restoration program by scheduling your initial consultation with us today. We promise comprehensive, transparent and honest advice, geared towards getting you qualified for a home.